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iPhone 15 Pro Max price and specifications for 2024

what is the price of the iPhone 15 Pro Max for 2024?

iPhone 15 Pro Max price and specifications for 2024
iPhone 15 Pro Max price and specifications for 2024

The release of the brand new Apple phone iPhone 15 Pro Max for 2024 has started. The new phone comes as a development and update for the previous version. iPhone 14 Pro Max has cameras equipped with new technology and high accuracy. 

The A17 Bionic processor is the same as in all iPhone series. The new one is the leader among all the processors of the competition in the upper category, the operating system runs very stably and the system will continue to receive updates for a long time. The manufacturing materials promised by Apple reflect luxury and strong durability. Its advantages, disadvantages, and price, and does it offer real value, or are there other phones offering higher features.

iPhone 15 Pro Max specifications for 2024

  • Supports NFC technology.
  • It comes with the following dimensions: 160.71 inches long, 78.78 inches wide, and 7.85 millimeters deep.
  • Supports 2G, 3G, 4G, and 5G networks.
  • Manufacturing materials are Gorilla Glass front and back, stainless steel frame.
  • The screen is of the SUPER RETINA XDR LTPO OLED type with a size of 6.7 inches, a resolution of FHD+, a small hole, a refresh rate of 120 Hz, and a resolution of 1440 x 3088 pixels, with a pixel density of 500 pixels per inch, with support for display dimensions of 90.0% and a protective layer of scratch and impact resistant ceramic glass. And CERAMIC GLASS oil coating.
  • The phone is available with more than one copy of fixed memory and random memory as follows:
  1. The first version has a solid 256GB of NVMe-type storage with a random 12GB of RAM storage.
  2. The second version has a solid NVMe-type storage capacity of 512 GB with a random storage capacity of 12 GB of RAM.
  3. The third version has a solid NVMe-type storage capacity of 1 terabyte with a random storage capacity of 12 GB of RAM.
  4. The fourth version, is a 2-terabyte NVMe-type hard drive with a random storage capacity of 12 GB of RAM.

  • As far as performance is concerned, the phone is equipped with an Apple A17 Bionic processor working with 5-nano technology and an Apple graphics processor.
The front camera is dual, the first is 32MP, wide, f/1.5 lens slot, and the second is SL 3D, depth type.
  • The rear camera features a quad camera, the first 32 MP with a wide f/1.5 lens slot, the second 32 MP telephoto with an f/2.8 lens slot, the third 32 MP ultrawide with an f/1.8 lens slot, and the fourth TOF 3D LiDAR scanner. Depth type in addition to its support for HDR dual LED flaphoto/panoramarama)
  • The external speakers come with two headphones with pure stereo sound.
  • GPS geolocation supports A-GPS, GLONASS, BDS, GALILEO, and QZSS geolocation.
  • Wi-Fi comes with Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac/6 frequencies, in addition to its support for dual-band, Wi-Fi Direct, and hotspots.
  • Bluetooth comes with version 5.4.
  • The phone also supports most sensors like acceleration, proximity, compass, gyroscope, and barometric pressure.
  • The USB port is equipped with two versions of USB 3.0 Lightning type.
  • Supports IP68 water, dust, and dust resistance.
  • The battery has a non-removable capacity of 6000mAh and supports 60W fast charging.
  • The phone comes with iOS 17 operating system.
  • The phone is with available in Graphite, Gold color, Silver, and also Blue colors

Cons of iPhone 15 Pro Max

  • The phone does not support increasing external storage space.
  • The headphone jack is not supported.
  • FM radio is not supported.

iPhone 15 Pro Max 2024 Features

The design had a modern, chic and attractive look, with precise and accurate dimensions, and it was also the same size iPhone 13 PRO MAX since from the front you can find the screen with a fabulous shape and a shift occurred about the Notch since it was renounced and abandoned, and the iPhone old iPhone X design, present in all Apple devices since the year 2017, so about 5 years ago, replaced by SHAPE PUNCH HOLE DESIGN with two holes or two Holes at the top of the screen, since the hole and the hole for the front camera were in the shape of a medicine capsule, the second hole was in the shape of the number 1 in Arabic, It was specially designed for the FACE ID facial print sensors and sensors.

In general, the shape at the top becomes an exclamation point in Arabic or the letter i in English, and there is a square on the back for the cameras. The first iPhone model without a physical SIM card was launched and released with only two slots for A-SIM technology. The iPhone and IPAD are based on this technology, which has been around for several years.

The materials used in the manufacture of the device are strong glass material that is scratch and shock resistant and will not be subject to fingerprints, slips, or falls. Both the edges and the frame are superb, allowing you to feel the level of accuracy in the manufacturing. They came from strong, durable steel and the screen came with a GORILLA GLASS protective layer.

The screen was issued in a large format, as well as the sensors are large, especially since this happened after removing the notch and you have additional space in it, in addition, it is characterized by high color accuracy, and also supports the Always on Display function in Android devices showing the clock and date in LOCK mode. And the phone screen has been closed but it is developed in this phone by the android company as here it is reduced with the SLEEP MODE function for background.

The brightness of the background with the appearance of the hour and date of your phone next to the background you choose for the home and close screens, unlike Android devices that appear with a black background, while in this device the brightness is reduced The Screen that also saves your battery because you don't have to open the phone to see the clock, it's just shown to you from the outside.

The processor of the phone is fast and completely new compared to the previous versions of the iPhone as it is more powerful and about 40% higher than the A16 Bionic which is currently in the previous generation, in addition, the GPU performs 30% better than the predecessor. 

Apple offers these big differences from a very long time ago, because usually the numbers of these differences are around 10% or at most 15% from year to year, and it saves battery life and works very smoothly and smoothly in different applications and helps in addition there The processor gives you the feeling of having a laptop or mobile computer that is with you always and everywhere, and also the phone offers a significant and noticeable update for the iPhone 14 series in RAM, but it has completely changed the RAM type and became LPDDR5, and this type offers faster speed at the same time

It consumes less energy as it gives you a much better performance experience in general and the experience becomes more apparent with longer use of the devices.

Fairy cameras make a very big leap in capturing high-definition videos which are especially present in this phone because one of the main reasons why the mobile uses advanced technology both in the processor and the graphics processor is their high performance and fast RAM so that the device can withstand the internal counter or hardware with large image processing.

The size associated with the new camera sensors is sophisticated and there is a TELEPHOTO camera responsible for isolation and zoom with support for imaging up to 8K. The selfie camera has two very important updates. In a good consulate, the background helps you a lot to isolate the background and lets you enjoy the picture more naturally in a DEPTH EFFECT MODE. 

The camera supports slow motion shooting and also offers cinematic or high-quality photography in VIDEO RAW format, which is used for recording raw video with high fidelity. It also offers you complete convenience by making changes to it.

The battery was one and a half times stronger than previous iPhone generations

iPhone 15 Pro Max price

iPhone 15 Pro Max price and specifications for 2024

  • The price of the iPhone 15 Pro Max in Egypt is 38,000 EGP for the 1 TB version with 12 GB RAM.
  • iPhone 15 Pro Max price in Saudi Arabia, 1 TB version with 12 GB RAM, at 10,000 Saudi riyals.
  • The price of the iPhone 15 Pro Max in dollars globally abroad is about 1,600 USD.
  • The price of the iPhone 15 Pro Max in Kuwait is equivalent to 341 dinars
  • The price of the iPhone 15 Pro Max in Qatar is 4004 riyals
  • The price of the iPhone 15 Pro Max in Turkey is 20,537 liras
  • The price of the iPhone 15 Pro Max in Israel is 3850 shekels
  • The price of the iPhone 15 Pro Max in Oman is 418 riyals


Device type Smart phone
model iPhone 15 Pro Max
advertise it September 14, 2023
Drop off date September 24, 2023
state soon


Super Retina XDR OLED
size 6.55 in
quality 1284 x 2778 pixels
screen colors 1 billion colors
Refresh rate 120Hz
brightness 1400 / 1800 lumens
Screen to body ratio 89.4%
pixel density 480 dpi
Screen protection Scratch and shock resistant ceramic glass and oil coating


back camera quadThe initial is 32 MP, wide, f/1.5 lens slotThe second is a 32 MP telephoto camera, f / 2.8 lens slotThe third is a 32 MP, ultrawide, f/1.8 lens slotThe fourth is a TOF 3D LiDAR scanner of depth type
Shooting videos for the rear camera 8K@24/30/60fps
Features Dual LED flashHDR (photo / panorama)
LED flash front
front camera The first double 32 MP wide f / 1.5 lens slot and the second SL 3D depth type
Shoot videos for the front camera 8K@24/25/30/60fps


radio fm no
External speakers Two headphones / stereo type
The degree of loudness high
Headphone jack not support
The headphones are in the box no


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