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What are the 17 Email Marketing Best Practices 2023?

what are the Best Practices for Email Marketing?

what are the Best Practices for Email Marketing?
What are the 17 Email Marketing Best Practices 2023

If you know email marketing affiliate, you know that best practices can be a dime a dozen. But these email marketing best practices aren't ideas or strategies you should try—we've rounded up 17 email marketing best practices 2023  you need to follow. This is the review:

  • Send a welcome email
  • Focus on personalization
  • Plan ahead
  • Stick to a consistent brand
  • Improve your subject line
  • dimensional uniformity
  • Include the "view in browser" link.
  • Make sure it displays correctly
  • Avoid spam at all costs
  • Make sure people want your email
  • Place your call to action above the center
  • remove the code
  • Compile a quality assurance sheet
  • Test to develop your best practices
  • Email Marketing Campaign Report
  • make a market funnel
  • Segment your audience

What are the 17 components of Email Marketing Best Practices 2023?

Email Marketing Best Practices don't necessarily make it easy. Knowing that you will be sending an email is very different from actually designing and executing it. So we have some email marketing best practices that you can follow to get your push started this year.

1. Send a welcome email

To get started, send a welcome email to everyone who signs up for your mailing list. How nice they are to keep in touch with your company! Many brands will ask website visitors to join their email list with the promise of a discount, such as 10% off. It's a great way to grow your list and engage directly with them. This should be comfortable to automate through your email platform, just be sure to choose a regular cadence, not weekly to stay on time.

This welcome message from Ancestry is old-fashioned but good.

Ancestry welcomes you to the subscriber list and clearly outlines the next steps you should take to start your family tree. You can find ideas for welcome email copy in our small business email templates.

2. Focus on personalization

Like any other aspect of marketing, generally perform better when they are relevant and timely. Relevance starts with personalization. There are many ways to personalize your email, from entering the first name to segmenting your audience. When your customers and prospects sign up to receive emails from you, it's okay to ask them what information they want to receive from those emails. Are they looking for sales alerts? Stock information? Newsletter update? Take that information and assign it to the audience for each specific tactic.

I recently received this email from Uber Eats, with the subject line: "Mary, enjoy $10 off your next Uber Eats order" which, real friends, is really nice. There is a promo code that looks odd and is definitely being sent to a segment of people who haven't ordered in a while (probably because they don't want to pay $15 to ship sweet greens to Brooklyn).

If you're not sure how to get started with customization or want to try something new, we've got more info on Email Marketing Best Practices.

3. Plan ahead, make a schedule

If you plan to send recurring newsletters to your subscribers—whether it's monthly, weekly, or daily (but that's a bit much)—you need to stick to a consistent time. That way, they can expect it in their inbox, you can plan content ahead of time, and everyone leaves happy. At WordStream, we love our performance tip emails, and when we tested sending them at different times and days of the week, we found that the best time to send them was the day AND the original time. We are all creatures of habit.

But if your business is planning a big promotion (ahem, Black Friday deals, Labor Day sales, biennial boom), there's no need to stick to a repetitive schedule. Instead, make sure you create a delivery schedule that includes follow-up emails to people who don't open the first email or don't click on it. There's nothing email marketers hate more than last-minute emails added to their queue.

This Boll and Branch example is pretty good - they're planning a 12-day Christmas special and this screenshot ignores the finer details - it's a gif! In the B point's email, they list the special offers eight days in advance. Comfortable. Extraordinary.

4. Stick to consistent branding

Email Marketing Best Practices is a very personal way to talk to your audience; make sure you use your brand voice consistently. This can be very confusing if you're emailing serious updates and fun promotions from the same branding template, so try assigning colors, fonts, and email markers to each.

It even triggered a reminder email to buy branded Lord and Taylor boots! Look at the brand colors and fonts. A+

5. Optimize your subject line and text preview

What are the 17 Email Marketing Best Practices 2023?
email marketing best practices 2024

So many marketers will fine-tune email content and then completely forget to write a great subject line and preview text! Your subject line is like a handshake. This is the first impression your audience will receive from the Email Marketing Best Practices you want them to open.

I personally like the subject line which includes some cute emojis. This is a great resource for any emoji you might want to include.

The New Yorker consistently uses "Issue of the Week:" as the subject line, and I already knew I would keep the magazine waiting for the notice of dismissal in my mailbox. 

6. Standardization of measurement

It's pretty basic, but you don't want to send an email that uses a completely different template for each delivery. For your own peace of mind and the satisfaction of your audience, standardize your template sizes. Usually, you want to keep the width under 600px. The length can vary more, but keep in mind that if it's too long, the email provider may truncate the content.

7. Have a "view in browser" link

Speaking of email truncation, add a "view in browser" link at the top of your email to ensure rendering issues can be fixed by clicking into the browser. Almost all email providers will give you the option to include this type of link before you distribute, just say yes.

Take this example from JetBlue.

Subject line: "Prices start at $54 one way? Time to sell."

This is a good example of keeping important information centers, creating urgency, and including display in browser links.

8. Make sure it renders properly

As everyone in e-commerce knows, mobile is BIG.  shop more, browse more, and buy more on mobile. It also means they see their email on the go. Make sure your email templates are optimized for the mobile viewing experience – and any landings pages they link to are mobile-friendly too.

There are a few different programs you can use to see what your email will look like with different providers (Outlook, Gmail, Yahoo, etc.), but the best/cheapest option is Email on Acid. This allows you to test deliverability (i.e. avoid spam – we'll cover that in just a minute), refine your links, and develop a checklist before submitting.

9. Avoid spam at all costs

One of the worst things that ever happened was hitting a spam trap. That's bad for your reputation, bad for when you want to send an email and can't, and bad for your email marketers who have to fight to get your IP whitelisted again. So... avoid spam!

Some email marketing best practices in 2024 to avoid spam include clearing the subject line (don't WRITE IN ALL CAPS, use a lot of $$$ or too many!!!), always get a functional unsubscribe link, and a valid physical letter. address and permission reminder (you get this email because you subscribed HERE), explain when setting the "from" address (use your business' legal name instead of getting Top Deals).

You should have a footnote in every email like this one from Urban SitesStes.

10. Make sure people *want* your email

Another way to avoid SPAM is to keep your server list clean. That is, do not buy email addresses from companies that are not clear. Make sure you *absolutely* unsubscribe those who want to unsubscribe, suppress bounced email addresses, and don't overspend on certain audience segments.

Something sensitive and polite: Ask your client to vote twice. When they send you their email address, ask them to confirm it in the first email you send (welcome email!) with the text "Subscribed by mistake? We can fix it" and allow them to unsubscribe instead to turn on the spam button.

11. Put your CTA and important information above the middle

It is big. For email to be effective, aka drive conversions, you need to get to the point quickly. Inbox full of promotions - why should they click on yours? Make sure you outline your key value proposition in the first part of the email and include a clear call without forcing anyone to scroll through it.

This example from Brandless is impressive because most people would think the whole point of this email is to thank their customers (it's a thank you email and the subject line is "Thanks for our great community"). But they put a CTA at the top next to their headline to get persons to take action. The only way this could be better is to include an actual button.

12. Clear the code

This might not apply to you if you're using a plug-and-play email solution (you might not be deep into HTML and CSS on the back end) but for those with a little more email marketing experience, try to Keep it Clear out there. Some of my favorite tricks include padding=0 (padding is almost always broken in email), border=0, remove loose/extra tables or rows (sometimes breaks rendering).

Just a reminder: most email providers will remove Javascript as a security measure, so leave the fancy code at the door.

13. Compile QA. sheets

I like lists. I love making lists, I love checking things off my list, and I like having a crossed off crossed list to feel productive (and just to remember what I did on a given day). When you send a lot of emails, it's comfortable to miss typos, broken links, and preview text. Create a quality assurance checklist to ensure you have a clean delivery record.

This list could contain almost anything you could want, but I like this example from Campaign Monitor.

14. Test to develop your own email marketing best practices

As with marketing best practices, we can explain what we *think* you should do, but only you have the power to really *know* what works. Be inspired by these examples. Find out more with other resources, like Excellent Email. But test everything. With email marketing, you can split test subject lines, headlines, CTAs, design, copy, segmentation, day of the week, time of day, you name it.

Testing is the only way to create your own email marketing best practices, so you can say with certainty what time of day has the highest open rate, what type of subject line suits your audience, and what copy gets the most clicks.

15. Report your email marketing campaign

Finally, to have a truly successful email marketing program, you need to be able to see if it's working.  It's up to you to choose the stats you want to highlight, but I recommend tracking opens, clicks, and unsubscribes. If you want to get fancy, try to find a platform with heat mapping, which lets you see exactly where your audience is clicking. Finally, include some screenshots of emails with SL/preview text in your report to easily track the best and worst results.

Notes! With the iOS 15 update, A/B testing with an open rate might not be the best way to go. Learn 13 posts iOS 15 email marketing strategies here.

16. Create a marketing funnel

No single marketing channel can work alone.

To have an audience to talk to, you need to create an email list. To do this, you need to create a landing page and drive traffic to it. Once you do that, you need to give them a champion magnet and nurture them after you sign them up.

It helps you use your marketing channels together more effectively, track your business goals and maximize your conversion rates.

Below is an example of the type of assets that can go into your marketing funnel

Marketing Funnel Assets Created in GetResponse Autofunnel.

Your marketing assets should have the same style and style. Below is an example of the templates you'll find on GetResponse Autofunnel.

The good news is that although marketing funnels can seem a little intimidating at first, they are setting up.

Even easier if you use a tool that helps you create it automatically.

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17. Segment your audience

Sending an email to your entire list can work every now and then.

But your chances of generating sales through your email campaigns are higher when you create custom content designed for individual customer segments.

You've probably heard of the Pareto rule.

20% of your customers generate 80% of your sales revenue.

Difficult to believe? Then don't take my word for it. Just check it out.

Identify key segments, such as the most engaged subscribers or those with high RFM results, see how much revenue they generate, and target them with email campaigns separately.

If you can't find these customers, stick to sectors you can think of off the top of your head (you probably know your audience well, you'll pick the best segments without further research.) If you need more inspiration and guidance. , we've written this guide Strong Email List Segmentation We talked about eCommerce-specific segments in our eCommerce email marketing guide.

As you saw in this important article, you must learn about email marketing strategies and use them in your business so that you can actually attract the right customers and get more success in results.

What do you think now? Have you ever used any of the strategies we talked about here? Share your opinion or questions with us in the comments section below the article when we talk to you about Email Marketing Best Practices.


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