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10 essential skills for boost social media accounts

best ways for boosting on social media

boost social media accounts
 10 essential skills for boost social media accounts

What is a social media boost? One of the biggest challenges for owners of various social media websites is the lack of public interaction with them. If you face the same problem on your social networking sites, in this article we offer you 10 ways to boost social interaction on your social media channels and keep knowing them.

What is boost social media accounts?

boost social media accounts is the process of creating, scheduling, analyzing and sharing various content on different social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and others. Provided that its objectives coincide with the main objectives of the project. With the aim of introducing the brand to the target audience, offering new perspectives that will help in the development and promotion of content and increase sales.

As for the social media officer, he is the person who fulfills the task of managing accounts by posting various content (texts, photos, videos, etc.), tracking and analyzing performance and responding to requests and comments from followers replies. It also develops and implements strategies for e-marketing campaigns and collects and analyzes the results of data from these campaigns.

It can be said that it acts as the official representative of the brand, sharing its ideas, values ​​and what it offers to the target audience; Aiming at increasing brand awareness, attracting more new customers and providing outstanding service to existing customers, not to mention promoting the brand's services or products and increasing sales. Regardless of the size of the project, managing social networking sites requires a number of basic tasks:

Create accounts with the brand's name on the various social media accounts, work on the development of these accounts and clarify the purpose of their creation by adding project details.

Develop advertising plans that positively impact the percentage of accounts that reach a larger number of customers; Which helps to achieve the goal of its creation.

What are ten skills in boost social media?

10 essential skills for boost social media accounts

The responsibilities of managing social networking sites require that the person responsible for it has a distinctive personality; He must have an innovative creative mindset capable of presenting ideas in a distinctive way and a scientific curiosity that drives him to continuously learn, research and follow the latest developments in his field of work in order to improve his performance develop, and he can adapt to the work pressure at any time according to his needs. There are many social media management skills, but the most important of these are:

Develop a strategic plan

Strategic planning consists of building a practical vision for the project by defining what the work aims to achieve in order of priority, defining the steps and actions that need to be taken, and knowing the means and factors that will help to achieve these goals on the communication pages. Social media account managers must be able to analyze goals in detail and evaluate them for feasibility.

Then develop a realistic plan of action that considers multiple factors, such as: E.g.: the management and advertising costs, the specified period and their share in achieving the target purpose. Therefore, you need to set the goal of creating social media accounts and identify the social platforms that fit that goal and help to achieve it, and they must be well-known platforms and have large audiences to bring you the best provide success rates.

After determining the target, the target customer must be determined, i.e. the customer to whom the provided content fits in terms of language, age, profession, interests and goals. Then comes the role of the presented content, which has to be attractive and distinctive, written in an unconventional, distinctive and attractive format.

For content to be successful, you need to know when to post and choose when people interact across platforms. On the other hand; Be prepared to overcome expected obstacles in implementing the content plan. By developing several alternative solutions in case of an obstacle. It requires flexibility in the face of negative expectations

boost of social media accounts

Developing social media accounts means preparing them in an integrated way and providing distinctive and clear content to the target audience. With the aim of interacting with as many people as possible and displaying the achievements made. Adding all the required data is the first step in developing the account, and this data includes: the name of the project and its classification, adding a precise description of the goals of the page, including external communication tools, and linking pages to each other Pages by adding buttons to switch between different websites from one account to another.

The non-traditional method makes the account more attractive to customers and it does so only by providing distinctive content in a non-traditional style. The content should emphasize the keywords in the product description; To facilitate public access and facilitate later search for it.

Interactive content is the most engaging content, so the account should be developed by asking customers for different ideas on how to make them more effective and make them feel like partners in the development and success of these accounts.

Protect your social media accounts

Social media account managers ignore the account securing step, even though it is the most important step in managing accounts. With the presence of brands on social media accounts, information has become the number one target for hackers to control the account and steal identity or exploit the account's interaction and change its activities and objectives. Here are some tips to protect your social media accounts from being hacked:

Change your password monthly: Your password should be random, varying between numbers, letters, and symbols, and should not contain a well-known name, phone number, date of birth, or other personal information.

Enable Two-Factor Authentication: This is one of the most secure features on social media. That is, by associating the password with the second step until the account is logged in, and implementing the second step by activating a text code sent to the mobile phone or email.

Allow interaction on accounts: Inactive accounts are the most vulnerable to hacking, so posts should be added regularly and in various and different formats so that it is not easy to quote and deceive the character when the page is hacked. Follow comments and messages and block all fake or untrustworthy accounts.

Stay away from unfamiliar links: Most hacking holes are created by links, and hacking happens as soon as you click on them. So be careful if you display a link, then delete the comment or message attached to it and ban the sender from the account.

If you don't have enough time to manage your project's social media accounts by yourself or don't have enough experience to protect your accounts from hacking attacks, you can always count on the social media account management services provided by professionals on Fiverr- Platform. Very competitive prices can start as low as $5.

Data Analysis

Data analysis measures the impact of marketing campaigns and initiatives on accounts and determines the return on investment from them by generating reports on this data to monitor its progress or lag from time to time. Then determine the degree of success of the tracked plan on social media accounts. For their part, social networking sites offer various tools to measure and analyze data on a large scale by measuring interaction based on content provided by likes, comments, conversations and shares.

Social media data analysis has evolved and is no longer limited to just measuring audience interaction, as you can track the workflow through various applications dedicated to tracking purchases and sales, and these applications are also used to classify and display Customer ratings used. Negative reviews, in addition to the service of measuring the presence of the target audience on the communication page and notifying the admin at peak times when a publication is recommended.

Social media data analysis has evolved and is no longer limited to just measuring audience interaction, as you can track the workflow through various applications dedicated to tracking purchases and sales, and these applications are also used to classify and display Customer ratings used. Negative reviews, in addition to the service of measuring the presence of the target audience on the communication page and notifying the admin at peak times when a publication is recommended.

Numbers may not be conclusive evidence of success or failure, but in general, data analysis helps in improving the workflow, both for the plan itself and for the new plan, as well as developing the goal. For example, if the goal is initially to reach the target audience, after reaching the target audience, the goal is developed to increase the percentage of that reach, then increase the percentage of sales, and so on, the larger the goal, the more needs We change the plan and intensify the work.


Marketing the brand's services or products is the main goal of creating accounts on social media platforms. In order to run successful marketing campaigns, it is necessary to constantly monitor the social media market situation by looking at competitors' advertising campaigns, observing the level of audience interaction with them, and knowing what type of content is most intended. They are an attractive audience, whether written or visual. Tracking trending events and trends on social media can create successful content marketing and high reach.

google Search

Research skills are among the skills that influence the success of the content and its reach for a large part of the target audience. Research skills are one of the fundamental skills required to create unique content that brands willing to expand and dominate the market can compete with. In the age of fake content, viewers are drawn to the right facts, which requires extensive research to find reliable sources with the right content.

It requires knowledge of using general and niche search engines, defining the exact search target, and searching for the most popular keywords and words to access authoritative content. It's also important to always check the sources that provide general market information related to the product or content you are marketing, whether they are research, statistics, and survey reports from reliable websites.

Customer Service

Customer service via social networking sites is a system of providing support to customers by interacting with them, responding to their inquiries and complaints, fulfilling their requests, and covering their services in a timely manner. More than a third of social media users, averaging 1 in 3 people, prefer receiving services from brand managers via social media.

Customer service through social networking sites is highly beneficial for accounts as it increases engagement and gets more reach for customers. 75% of customers rate accounts positively once the webmaster interacts with them and their interaction rates on the account by 20% to 40% and they automatically promote content among their acquaintances.

Therefore, the admin needs to monitor the interaction on the page throughout the day, taking into account the customers' opinions, following their conversations and responding to their requests. Since response time affects customer satisfaction, the social media account admin should be careful to reply as soon as possible while enabling the auto-reply system in the admin's absence. Therefore, improving customer service is a key factor in maintaining it.

Time Management

The duties of a social media account admin are never-ending and sometimes they perform more than one task at a time so a work plan needs to be created and implemented to complete the given tasks. It is also necessary to plan for each account separately, since it is not desirable to have more than one at a time, as this will affect the fulfillment of the duties of each account.

The goal of time management is not only to complete tasks on time, but also to work to increase production efficiency and increase performance effectiveness. The tasks of management on social networking sites are diverse, and therefore crisis management strategies must be taken into account by including weekly backup hours in the calendar, working hours are indicated, and the summary of the tasks performed daily and their results must be in one Schedule tracked with daily updates. This is to avoid a sudden development and duplication of tasks due to work products.

Content Writing

Content writing is one of the essential skills of social media marketing. Every social media account manager needs a good content creation tool to perform several basic tasks, starting with filling out data, developing the page, preparing content, and answering audience and follower requests.

The choice of language is the first factor influencing the written content and depends on the target audience. In any case, the content should be written in a simple, understandable and readable style, free from grammatical errors.

Content writing requires knowledge of the ability to choose the titles of publications, to write content in an attractive advertising format that is short and does not contain long phrases, and to use this to reach the audience in the best way while maintaining the opportunity to allow interaction with the audience by posting a question or referendum at the end of the post that invites comment .

Written content should correspond to the interactive trends on social media accounts, and the admin should focus on the most searched and popular words every day, as this will help to attract the largest number of users.

Communication Skills

One of the main goals of social media accounts is to encourage direct communication between people and between brands and some of them, since social networking sites are the right place to communicate with the largest number of customers. In addition to written communication, there is a live broadcast function on social media that allows account managers to communicate audio or video with the audience and followers to respond directly to their inquiries and to share any details or news about the brand .

These are the basic skills you need to start boost social media accounts like a pro. What other skills do you think are important for social media account administrators?


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