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Which is the best company for sem marketing?

Which is the best company for sem marketing?

What are sem marketing companies? SEM - Search Engine Marketing creates a pay-per-click (PPC) ad for your business on Google's SERP search results pages to reserve a spot on the first result pages.

Paid advertising appears alongside unpaid search results when a searcher enters a specific search term that matches your ad and business. 

The Importance of Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

The great strength of sem marketing companies is timing, which gives advertisers the opportunity to offer their ads in front of customers who are interested or want to buy at the moment they want to take action and ask them to search on Google. No other advertising medium provides such a golden opportunity.

For example, when you search for the word telescope and find images of types of telescopes in addition to prices as pictured, the ad will be helpful and timely. Advertising media, such as ads that appear while browsing websites (eg news sites and social platforms) are often unrelated to what the user is doing now and are therefore less effective.

But this question may arise: why should you pay to appear in search results when it is possible to work in organic results? To answer this question, we will look at the difference between SEO and search engine marketing.

google ads convert smart campaign

First, make some preliminary preparations

1. Define the campaign objective

A clear objective of an advertising campaign is one of the criteria for its success, the objective is to attract website visits from a specific audience, to spread brand awareness when the audience searches for a keyword. , to encourage the audience to blog or charity or social awareness, to differentiate the local business, and the goal can be specific activities such as communication with sellers, purchases.

2. Description of the target character

to create a customized ad for each category that includes the appropriate message for it as we will see.

3. Think of the user's intent

Put the air  and think about what they need when they start searching on Google, and what will they type? Do they know the specific product they want or are they in the process of finding it? Does he use using words?

For example, is he looking for "shoes" or "adidas men's sneakers"? Thinking about the user's intent will help you choose the right one for the situation and write a persuasive ad that clearly knows its purpose.

4. Discover the competition

Find keywords that seem relevant to your customer segment and note which ads are showing, how much competition there is, and what the competitor's ad features are. Click on the ad and see the landing page you're talking about.

is it clear What should customers do on this page? What are the persuasive factors that will drive him to buy and what will make him leave immediately without hesitation? Pay attention and learn from competitors' practices and think about your next campaign.

Second, choose your keywords carefully

Keywords or keywords are an important part of your Google Ads advertising campaign, and their job is to help Google place your ads in relevant search queries because it depends on the user's intent. SEM marketing, and keyword selection is no less important. instead of writing the advertising text itself.

You need to prepare a broad keyword list of up to 20 words, luckily there are different ways to find these words so that you can meet this large number. Assuming the ad we're going to create is for "Adidas men's shoes", these are the main ways to find keywords:

  • Brand keywords: Enter the name of the business, product or service and a description, for example Adidas, Adidas shoes, Adidas men's shoes and Adidas shoes price.

    • Generic keywords: these are general terms that describe the product without mentioning the brand name, for example, words: sports shoes, men's sports shoes.

    • Related keywords: These don't say exactly what you're selling, but customer characteristics can sometimes look for, for example, sports equipment, sportswear, and running gear.

      • Competitor Keywords: This is an opportunity to introduce your product to the public if they know the competitors products and search for them on Google, Adidas competitors are Nike and Puma so include words like Nike shoes, we coach. Cougar.

      • Various designs: as plural, synonyms and abbreviations, such as the words: Adidas shoes, Adidas shoes. It can also target common misspellings for your product or brand.

      • Negative keywords: For accurate and actionable targeting, also consider which keywords to exclude because negative keywords will prevent your ad from appearing in front of people searching for it, for example, "women".

      Third: Design Ad Components

      With SEM, you can provide users with more valuable information than a short ad text. Since ads appear with different components, here's an overview of those components:

      • Homepage URL: The actual URL that users will be directed to when clicking on the ad.

      • Display URL: It is recommended to use short links in the same domain, which clearly indicate the page the user is going to.

      • Title: is a short blue title, new curriculum for you | Plan your future | Take advantage and sign up today. Up to 3 addresses can be added - as shown - no more than 30 characters each.

      • Description: this is the main ad text that uses most of the ad space, it should highlight your uniqueness and include the most important keywords and calls to action, it is recommended to use numbers, e.g. the discount price or 24 hours. Service.

      • Ad Extension: According to Google, the extension improves the click-through rate by 15%, and this feature allows the insertion of links to parts of the website, prices, applications, offers personal, geographic location and other interests.

      Fourth: improve your ad rating

      More than one advertiser targeting the same keyword can compete for SEM, and that's where ad auctions come into play. Ad auctions are the feedback mechanism used by Google Ads to determine which PPC ads will appear for specific keywords. In this video, Google explains how to manage auctions:

      1. CPC- Cost Per Click

      The high price together with other factors contribute to winning the auction, however, each company must limit the CPC (maximum cost) that they choose for creating ads so as not to spend more more in advertising than it earns. The max BID CPC is calculated using the following formula:

      2. Landing page

      Landing pages should be of high quality, contain relevant original content that helps users complete what they want to do, be easy to navigate.

      Fifth: Place the ad on the posting board

      The previous step is a precursor to this important step, because the campaign preparation process has been completed, and Google Ads will now start running. The initial steps, despite their abundance, the preliminary preparation, as we have explained, will make these procedures quick and smooth, and the procedures are divided into:

      Adjust campaign settings

      Create ad groups

      Google Ads divides the advertising campaign into ad groups and each group has its own keywords, and this feature allows differentiation of targets and therefore can appear more in search queries. (search terms). You can tailor each ad group to a specific product, product category, audience or stage of the customer journey in the sales funnel.

      Create ads

      On the other hand, each ad group is divided into ads (ads), each with a unique format. This feature allows you to experiment with different ads, test the effectiveness of each one, and then choose the one with the best performance. 

      For more clarity, the following image shows the structure of the ad campaign, noting that this division into ad groups and ad groups does not affect the campaign budget that has been defined previously by editing the campaign structure:

      Sixth: Measure and improve the campaign

      The starting point for campaign measurement is to translate the marketing objectives selected in the process of setting up your SEM campaign into appropriate KPIs. Performance metrics vary from company to company, and Google Ads provides a dashboard that measures everything from keywords to ad groups for each ad. 

      best sem agencies

      what are the best sem marketing companies?

      Top 10 Search Engine Marketing Agencies

      • WebFX.
      • ClientBoost.
      • Intelligent websites.
      • open movements.
      • DashClicks.
      • Screaming Frog Services.
      • disruptive propaganda.
      • Online direct marketing.


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