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what are the best marketing strategy?

best 9 type of digital marketing

Marketing has become an important role in our lives, after the great technological development that has taken place recently on the background of digital marketing which is remarkable because it includes revenue and exposure which contributes greatly to marketing that goes beyond traditional marketing almost follow with us different types of digital marketing.

types of digital marketing services

E-marketing is what has enabled small and large businesses to reach customers all over the world, after reaching these customers using traditional marketing was impossible.

E-marketing has innumerable advantages, which is why in this article we will review the 9 different types of digital marketing for your project or brand, explaining the fundamental role you play in increasing sales and enhancing the notoriety of your brand. Following way:

Social Media Marketing

first types of digital marketing services social media marketing agency like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Snapchat, and Youtube has increased exponentially in recent times. Facebook, for example, has exceeded 2 billion users, so many companies take advantage of these sites to present and market their products, to reach the largest number of audiences at the lowest cost compared to traditional advertising. Every company, big or small, is now creating pages for themselves on most sites to communicate with customers on an ongoing basis.

Search Engine Marketing SEM

second type of digital marketing service is Search Engine Marketing (SEM), short for Search Engine Marketing, which is one of the most important online marketing channels that seek to increase the visibility of a site to be marketed on the first page and first results in search engines. Search like Google.

Search Engine Optimization SEO

third type of digital marketing service is Search Engine Optimization, which means creating sites for search engines to satisfy site visitors and improve the search engine experience to get to your site faster as search engine optimization works to market your products. To rank higher in search rankings and earn high income for free by focusing on the keywords of your company, project, or whatever you want to promote. SEO has the advantage that it makes you reach a large number of visitors for free, as about 40,000 searches are made in the Google search engine every second and 3,500 million operations throughout the day.

Online Advertising Marketing

Advertising campaigns are of interest to all companies and brands because they provide the service or product directly to customer accounts, and the types of electronic campaigns are:

  • Pay-per-click (PPC) is pay-per-click advertising.
  • Cost per impression (CPM), which is the payment per thousand views or per thousand clicks on the ad
  • Pay-to-Sale (PPS)
  • junk mail

Email marketing is one of the most powerful and effective types of email marketing for communicating with customers. It targets a specific group of people and helps initiate business communication. Email marketing relies on some companies sending their business products to customers via text messages in email.

Mobile Marketing

In recent years, many large companies have chosen mobile marketing, and this type of marketing is based on sending text messages to customers with promotional product offers, in cooperation with mobile networks.

Content Marketing

A form of marketing focused on creating, publishing, and distributing content to a target audience online, businesses often use it to gain attention, gain leads, and expand their customer base.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a marketing activity in a type of business in which the business owner gives the seller (sellers) a commission for each customer who buys from the business owner’s website, that is, a commission for each sale and every time the sale is made, the seller takes his commission on the product, through the efforts of the marketer profile. In other words, affiliate marketing is basically based on you selling or promoting someone else's products or services, and you get a commission as a return for the effort. 

Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is among the newest types of digital marketing. Influencer marketing uses people with massive online reach who are experts in the target market to increase sales.

Viral Marketing

Viral marketing is one of the different types of digital marketing and refers to a method of some kind, whether it's trendy, fun, or weird enough to post a lot of posts online. Viral marketing leads to a massive increase in website traffic in a short period. It's hard to do, but the benefits alone make it worth your time and effort.

Benefits of digital marketing

best 9 type of digital marketing
types of digital marketing services

1- Good customer segmentation

2- The possibility of collecting a customer database and reusing it better

3- Product flexibility and control over your marketing budget

4- The possibility of communication between the client and the institution

Since time immemorial, the concept of marketing is the most important medium for the success of any business, and the knowledge of the audience about it, and marketing was limited in the past to newspapers, magazines, and television ads using ancient techniques that consume much. of business. This traditional strategy continued for many years until the term digital or electronic marketing appeared among the public, as marketing activities began to increase in digital terms using modern tools and technologies, even everything changed and the new era of digital marketing began.


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