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How to Use Social Media Marketing Platforms to Grow Your Business

How can I reach thousands of people on social media from marketing?

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Influencer marketing is the use of the best content makers on different platforms, celebrities and influencers in a particular field to spread awareness among people and promote a particular product or service.

Have you ever purchased a product or service based on the nomination of a YouTube channel owner you follow or a blogger on Instagram? If you do, it means you have fallen under the social media marketing.

If you want to use this type of marketing to promote your services and products, then you've come to the right place to get all the basic information about influencer marketing.

What is Influencer Marketing?

Ever since I started watching commercials on TV at a young age, I've always wondered, "Why do all brands and companies use stars and actors in their commercials?"

Since you're interested in digital marketing like me, you've also asked yourself this question, and not just because these stars are famous and everyone knows them.

But the reason why they are used in advertising is because people want to be like them, so they will use the same perfume, car, phone or skin lightening cream that they use.

This is influencer marketing, as you can see the idea itself is old and all there is is that now we live in the social media era and celebrities are not only including actors and stars but it also include owners of YouTube- channels, also Instagram accounts.

Influencers create content about your products and services and post it among their followers on various platforms, which helps introduce your products to the audience you are targeting and then generate traffic and sales.

If you look at the Digital Marketing Trends guide, you know that influencer marketing is one of the most important e-marketing channels to rely on now and in the future.

Not only are people satisfied with knowing the benefits of your products, but you also want someone you trust to test and try these products and compare them to other products available on the market until they make a purchasing decision.

Now, for example, if you go to a well-known channel in the phones section on YouTube, you will find many comments where people are asking the channel owner.

Also, if you go to a cooking and recipes account on Instagram, you will find many comments asking the account owner about the best places to buy groceries and the best cooking utensils.

You should use this when advertising your services and products. No matter what industry you are in, you can find influencers on various social networks.

Why social influencer marketing platform

The owners of YouTube channels and social media accounts are called influencers because of their influence over their followers and their ability to spread awareness and encourage ideas.

High advertising prices

Advertising has become expensive due to increased competition. You are not the only one looking to promote products and services in your field, and you are not the only one targeting this audience.

For example, if you want to advertise clothes for girls and think that you are the only one targeting this group of people, all this will result in high advertising costs.

This is on top of the cost of testing and experimenting until you settle on profitable ads that resonate with your audience and get the best results, and this is in contrast to influencer marketing, which you test easily and without great expense be able.

 Many influencers don't know their true worth

This type of marketing is unfamiliar to many marketers and business owners in the Arab world, especially medium and small businesses.

Also, many influencers in the Arab world hardly communicate with any company to promote, they are very happy just because this communication takes place, and maybe they are satisfied with receiving a free product or a small fee.

You have to take advantage of that, the competition is weak and there are many influencers that you can use and later I will tell you how to search for them and use them.

 Avoid the cost of content creation

One of the most important marketing channels that many brands rely on is “content marketing” and despite its importance, it can sometimes be expensive.

You may need to take photos of your products or create sponsored material to promote them, but you can avoid all of this by working with an influencer.

The influencer is the one who creates and promotes the content, saving you time, money and effort.

Use of Influencers for Retargeting

Relying on influencer marketing will get you a good number of visits to your website, online store, or social media accounts.

All that traffic that you can use in your regular advertising campaigns, you can retarget that traffic via Facebook or Google ads.

Or you can create a Look-A-Like audience on the Facebook platform to target ads and convert them into customers.

It is well known that retargeting ads cost less than regular ads, so you get the same results at a lower cost and increase your earnings.

Spread awareness and build trust

Any professional marketer knows that most people need to interact with the brand more than once to make a purchase. 

They need to read about your products and see your ads in more than one place to start trusting you more, and that's what influencer marketing gives you.

Influencers go a long way in spreading awareness of your products and services among their audience, leading them to search for those products more and engage with your brands, making the process of converting them into customers easier for you.

Influencer marketing encourages user-generated content

One of the many benefits you get from using influencers to market your brand is the ability to create and publish audience-generated content – ​​UGC, which is no secret, to encourage audiences to trust the advertised company. Because people trust people like themselves and not companies and brands.

However, it can be difficult to find images or content other than what your team has created at the accounts; This allows you to repost their content and show your audience your partnership with that influencer, as well as their photos and content with their own twist.

You can also create a complete and solid plan for sharing audience-generated content (UGC) to get the most benefit and ROI from it. If you intend to promote a product soon, you can provide this content for that anticipated product until it's time to launch your promotion to have the greatest impact.

Get influencer reviews and recommendations on your website

Whether you are a big brand or a startup, you definitely need to display customer testimonials for your brand on your digital platforms like your website or your social media pages.

But as you know, not all customers are interested in coming back to leave a review or share their experience. Therefore, one of the benefits of working with influencers is that you can cite their recommendations and experiences with your business.

They can leave their personal information on your website or advertising platform on the pages of the products they review, as well as their opinions and experiences about them. This is known as social proof, giving potential customers a boost of confidence and courage to buy and try products.

Make sure you make it clear at the beginning of your advertising campaign what type of nomination or recommendation you would like from influencers. This ensures that the key points and strengths that you want to demonstrate and prove to your audience about your products/brand are highlighted.

The Evolution of Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing appeared almost 15 years ago on PayPerPost, the first platform to act as an intermediary between business owners and bloggers; Where business owners can pay digital bloggers to create promotional content on their platforms for those businesses.

company. So you can request that content created by the same influencers be used on your brand 

The challenge that promoters and marketers faced at the time was their skepticism about the ability of content advertising on these platforms to appear authentic, rather than just other random ads that the reader might evade.

15 years ago and even today, even though the landscape has changed and evolved a lot, the challenge of providing honest and transparent advertising content for any business or service remains.

Indeed, as human beings most of us depend on the appointments and transmissions of the people we trust and on their experiences; So when a follower finds their favorite person - who provides reliable and relevant content for that follower - to nominate a brand for the success of their experience with them, they will trust that nomination. In this way, the company gained the influencer's influence and the trust of those affected by it.

Among the many changes and developments that have taken place in the influencer marketing space since its emergence in 2006, social media platforms are slowly emerging, such as Facebook and Twitter, later joined by Instagram in 2010, and more recently Tik Tok, the ghost imposed on Clock, is insanely fast.

In the past, influencer marketing relied almost entirely on bloggers sharing their stories, lives, and day-to-day experiences with their readers, and side-promoting their contractors' products and offerings to earn extra money for a living.

What is new is that the task of influencers today, to promote products and brands, has become a main income and not a side income, unlike in the past.

What's also new is that with the growing number of social media platforms, today's influencers have countless options to choose from, from Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube and even Tik Tok.

Each platform has its own style and style, and each depends on the influencer's skills or desires. If he prefers long writing, he can rely on Facebook, LinkedIn, or even traditional blogging.

Do you prefer pictures and clips? Then Instagram and Snapchat or/and Tik Tok. And some of them combine everything, and there's nothing wrong with that either. Even with the advent of a singing platform like Clubhouse, we doubt influencers will find a way to promote brands anytime soon, if not already.

Types of  social influencer marketing platform

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There are multiple ratings for influencers, there is a rating based on each influencer's platform, and there is a rating based on niche – the area you are interested in.

Perhaps the best of these ratings is the one that depends on the size of the influencer himself and the extent of his impact on the audience, and that's what I'm going to show you now.

1. Celebrities

Of course you wouldn't rely on this type of influencer, I don't think you have the budget to hire soccer players, actors and community stars to promote your products and services.

There are those celebrities who make millions just by posting some photos on their Instagram account, not to mention shooting a video or talking extensively about products.

2. Celebrity Influencers

Celebrity influencers are the ones who have over a million followers across different social media platforms and there are many examples of this.

For example, you can follow Amr Nasouhi, the famous Egyptian football content creator with whom many brands collaborate to promote their products, such as EA Sports, Nivea, and others.

There are other examples of these influencers in different fields like fashion, technology, health, fitness and other fields.

The best use for this type of influencer is to use them to promote exclusive offers, discounts and contests for your products as they have a wide base of loyal followers.

3. Medium influencers

We can describe that type of influencers who have more than 100,000 followers and less than a million, they are in their niche but not a type of celebrity.

This type of influencer is considered by many experts to be the most effective, as the average influencer creates targeted content that appeals to a specific group of audience, making the targeting process easier.

You can find one of those influencers who makes content about weight loss for premarital girls or suitable eating recipes for pregnant women and so on...

All of this leads to very specific targeting of your target audience, which increases the chances of success of your marketing campaigns.

4. Micro-influencers

We can put any influencer with fewer than 100,000 followers in this category. In many cases, working with these types of influencers is very effective.

Most of these influencers are newbies in their field and therefore care a lot about their audience, communicating with them and being more responsive to their comments, also care a lot about the content and strive to bring the most value to the followers.

So if you search well, you can discover some of these influencers and use them to promote your products at the lowest possible cost.

How to choose the right influencer?

Although there are some tools that can help in finding influencers, such as:

  • Linkedin search.
  • Keyword Research Tools.
  • Hashtag Search Tools.

Rating tools for influencers such as the Dolphinus Arabia platform or the global Social Blade.

However, I think the best way to search is by manual search. You have to look for influencers yourself on various platforms. For example, when searching on Instagram, use all available hashtags until you find influencers.

You can also use the feature to show similar accounts that Instagram offers you to show pages that speak in the same area you are looking for.

And if you search YouTube, find your audience's top issues yourself to see who owns the channels that help audiences solve those issues.

Or look for the same audience if you're targeting girls under 20, for example. Why not ask some of them about the accounts they follow on Instagram or the channels they like on YouTube?

Then collect all the influencers that caught your attention in a list so you can start choosing the most suitable ones and to choose the best ones you have to rely on the following criteria.

1- The size of the reaction

The most important factor when choosing an influencer is the engagement size on their content. Regardless of follower count, who do you think is better:

An influencer who has 200,000 followers on Instagram, but his posts get an average of 5,000 likes and 200 comments.

An influencer who has 70,000 followers on Instagram, but his posts get an average of 10,000 likes and 400 comments.

Of course, the second influencer is better because the audience interacts and responds to them more, and you need to keep that in mind when choosing.

2- The quality of the audience

You know your product better than anyone, so you know which category your product is targeting.

You need to ensure that the influencer's followers represent the category that the product is targeting in order to get the results you want. These are the most important marketing rules in any marketing campaign, dictating putting the right product in front of the right audience.

3- Release rate

There are some influencers who do not post content for a fixed price. These are the ones you should avoid collaborating with, even if they have hundreds of thousands of followers.

The publication rate is very important as it is an indication of the influencer's interest and enthusiasm for their followers and also indicates that the audience follows and engages with them constantly and that the content is moving at a constant rate and in a natural way spread way.

On Instagram, the best rate is a post every two days at the latest, preferably more, and on YouTube, the lowest rate is a video every week.

4- The goal of the marketing campaign

Do you want to run a marketing campaign to raise awareness of your brand and get some followers on your social media pages, or do you want to make direct sales?

Some influencers are better at spreading awareness than direct advertising, so think carefully about your marketing goals before choosing an influencer.

5- The quality of the content provided by the influencer

The personality of the influencer and the quality of the content are a major factor in the success of the marketing campaign. There are serious influencers who need explanation, analysis and comparison in the content industry.

There are influencers who use humor and personality to communicate information, so you should choose the influencer with the quality of content that suits your products.

For example, if you offer a complex service or product aimed at professionals, I think you need an influencer based on criticism and comparisons in the content industry.

If you are promoting a product that is popular and used by a lot of people, then I think you need an influencer with an attractive and attractive personality and a character of their own in the content industry.

6- Previous experiences

You need to look closely at the influencer's content and see if they have previously run any marketing campaigns for any brand. If you find a lot of campaigns, it means this influencer is good and getting results.


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