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Successful Digital Marketing Strategy to make Achievement 

Best Important Digital Marketing Strategy
Best Important Digital Marketing Strategy 

Initially, when we talk about the best digital marketing strategies for startups, some people think of social media channels, but it is not the only way, there are many digital marketing tools, such as smartphone marketing, email, website, and online customer support. Search Engine Advertising, Advertising, Finance, Content Marketing, Text and Video Marketing, affiliate marketing course, and finally Channels Analysis and Monitoring.

With this, we find that digital marketing is not limited to one tool or one channel, and this leads us to develop a strong strategic plan to take advantage of all marketing channels and achieve the highest return for us.

What is the global e-marketing strategy?

What is the digital marketing strategy? A digital marketing strategy is a plan to create an online presence through online channels such as organic search, social media, paid to advertise, and other web-based media such as your website.

Create a new website marketing

  • Creating a website improves your brand's visibility to customers looking for your products and services, whether the services or products are electronic or physical.

  • Your site makes it easy for customers to access what you offer them and what sets you apart from the competition in your field.

  • Having a website for yourself is one of the most important stages on the road to success that you have to take. The website can get your message across and be seen by millions of interested people, so why wait?

Create marketing videos

  • One of the most effective ways to attract visitors to your site is videos, which are becoming more and more important as YouTube is one of the most powerful platforms through which you can attract visitors due to its widespread fame. all over the world. world.

  • Furthermore, e-marketing through video is one of the most important tools used by many large and emerging businesses. This method of e-marketing is the first method since the products offered on the Internet cannot be touched, but you can identify them through the video presented.

SEO marketing

A company can market its services by blogging, i.e. writing a description of the services it provides, but when describing its services it must have an audience that is interested in these services to obtain them.

But before marketing your service or product, you must gain the trust and satisfaction of your audience, such as helping them solve a problem, or providing them with useful information, with this you will become a relationship of trust.

For example: Suppose I have an online store that sells beauty products and I want to market a product, if I write an article about this product titled: What is this product and how to use it? This marketing method is considered weak because it targets the product name and the search volume may be small or non-existent.

Suppose the product is a skin cream, we have to think about the target audience and put appropriate keywords like skin lightening - skin darkening treatment, etc.

All we have to do is write an SEO-friendly article that tries to help the reader solve their problem.

Digital marketing via SEO, or so-called search engine marketing, will work for your products or services of any kind.

What distinguishes a digital marketing strategy via SEO is:

  • Get targeted and interested traffic.
  • You get permanent and continuous traffic without much effort.
  • After the search engines are launched, you can dedicate yourself to a new project.

Design advertising banners 

The banner is of a specific size, moving or fixed, and can be added to it and used as an advertising cover. Marketing advertising banners are characterized by directing the advertisement to the target directly, and what is distinctive is the use of flashes, images, and animations that draw attention and attention and the possibility of achieving results faster due to their high effectiveness.

Create pages on social networking sites

Social networks have become very important in electronic marketing operations around the world. The role that these networks play in our time cannot be denied, the importance goes through:

1-Brand promotion

Listening to customers, communicating with them daily, answering their questions and queries, and building trust with visitors by highlighting the benefits of your business.

2-Win new customers

Through social media, you can reach new customers who haven't heard of your brand before and then have the opportunity to engage with them.

3-Get visitors

Getting new traffic to your site is very important as your followers are directed to your own site's social pages by posting your site's links and pages on these social pages.

4-Customer feedback analysis

Where it is possible to analyze customer interactions, follow up on their comments, needs, and inconveniences that they may suffer, and improve and develop pages according to the data.

Writing articles about the product

Paid online advertising campaigns

Running online advertising is a very important part of promoting your product, service, or site, and through it, you can target a specific segment of interest. You can target your ad to them based on their place of residence, language, age group, and job. and interests You can also set your budget, choose the hours and days to run ads, analyze campaign results, and make adjustments for a successful campaign.

Determine the target group of people

Running paid advertising campaigns is the most important job to promote your product, services, or even your site and through this it allows you to target a specific segment of interest. You can target them based on their place of residence, language, age group, job, and interests. You can also set your budget, choose the hours and days to run ads, analyze campaign results, and make adjustments for a successful campaign.

1-Determine the target group of people

When talking about this point, we must study to what extent the service or product attracts more people than others, since many times we see expensive advertisements in inappropriate places.

2-Age group

 Any age group that will benefit from the product, cis children, youth, adolescents, and older adults.


 Is this product for both genders? Or they only serve men or women.


 The selection of the target city or country through your ad plays an important role. Do they interest in your service?

Facebook groups 

The first step you need to do is to build your profile professionally, using your personal photo with your real information, as the profile shows that you are a trustworthy and respected person.

Second, join as many Facebook groups as possible that have your target audience, that is, the audience you want to get and drive to your blog.

Third, spend an hour every day interacting in these groups and forums, either posting useful information or answering members' questions (without using links).

In short, you need to show your full experience in your field and after gaining their trust, just try to attach a link every two or three days with your interactions, but not fraudulently, i.e. try to provide the answer, and the link only is for details.

It is also preferable to design a cover image for your profile that contains a link to your site, as many will come to your profile after receiving your response.

Make sure this strategy is one of the most successful internet marketing methods, but try to stick to 3 tips:

  • Do not directly promote your product or service.
  • Don't bother posting your links permanently.
  • If someone texts you and asks for information, send a link to your blog.
  • As I told you in the first paragraph, we are working on solving other people's problems, so that the person falls into debt with you without feeling, in this case, you can also ask him to share the links to your blog in his own profile.

best digital marketing campaigns

Best Important Digital Marketing Strategy

1. Zappos
2. Mint
3. The Wirecutter
4. Airbnb
5. JetBlue
6. Uniqlo
7. Mobile Monkey
8. Lyft
9. Dove
10. Slack
11. Yelp
12. Tesla
13. Planet Fitness
14. Sephora


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